United Capital Launches #Thisgirlinvests Campaign



    United Capital Asset Management Ltd., a subsidiary of United Capital Plc, launched the #ThisGirlInvests campaign to promote financial independence and security for women across Nigeria. The campaign seeks to encourage women to develop a healthy investing culture, increase women’s participation in Nigeria’s capital markets, and create a sustainable financial plan for retirement.


    The campaign was borne out of a need to address the abnormally wide gender gap in financial inclusion in Nigeria. With a digital video advertisement that has quickly gone viral on social media platforms, the campaign highlights the realities of women’s attitude towards investing and the negative consequences of delayed investing on women’s finances and general welfare during retirement.

    The interview-style video which profiles three women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s revealed that although women have grand plans for their retirement, many do not have concrete financial plans to fund them. The video ends with a call-to-action for women to make a conscious effort towards their finances by investing in the United Capital Wealth for Women Fund.


    Initially launched in 2017, the United Capital Wealth for Women Fund was recently repositioned as a retirement planning investment fund for women offering them competitive returns by investing high-yielding fixed income assets and selected quoted stocks from the Nigerian Exchange.

    “We are excited to launch the #ThisGirlInvests campaign and help close the gender gap in financial inclusion in Nigeria,” said Odiri Oginni, MD/CEO of United Capital Asset Management Ltd. “Studies have shown that women have a savings culture but not an investing culture which is a problem because investing is the key to growing wealth over time. We believe that every woman deserves the opportunity to achieve financial independence and security especially during retirement, and with the Wealth for Women Fund, we are providing them with the resources and tools they need to do so. The fund offers a diversified portfolio of investments that are designed to help women grow their wealth over time.”


    In addition to competitive returns, the Wealth For Women Fund provides varying benefits including tax-exempt dividend payments, diversified portfolio, professional fund management, and a relatively low subscription fee that starts from as low as N10,000.

    The #ThisGirlInvests campaign will feature a series of educational activities and events designed to help women learn more about investing. The campaign is a testament to United Capital Plc’s commitment to helping women achieve financial freedom in accordance with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal of achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls.



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