PANA holdings group management pays a courtesy visit to DG SON


    The Director General/ Chief Executive of the Standards Organisation of Nigeria, SON,  Ifeanyi Chukwunonso Okeke met with the Chairman and Management PANA Holdings Group at the SON Corporate Headquarters, Abuja.


    The meeting was an avenue for the Management of PANA Holdings Groups to discuss their activities which include flow control, flow measurement, pipeline surveillance/leak detection and most importantly to introduce their new venture, Afriksnus.


    Maxfield McKinnon, COO, of GN Tobacco, Sweden described how they’ve granted Afriksnus the exclusive rights to distribute Snus products. GN Tobacco is a reputable manufacturer of Snus products with unparalleled expertise and services. Snus is a moist, finely ground, smokeless tobacco product originating from a variant of dry snuff in the early 18th century used by placing it between the upper lip and gum.


    Pointing out the uniqueness and advantages of the product, McKinnon stated that Snus is not burned and no smoke is inhaled (non-combustible tobacco product) hence, some terrible effects of smoking are not present.


    Similarly, he explained that for people battling addiction to smoking, it serves as a medium of relieving the airways of carbon monoxide, reducing the urge to smoke and the risk of lung cancer.


    Daere Akobo, Chairman, PANA Holdings Groups emphasized the need for SON’s involvement and partnership in the certification process.


    In closing, Okeke commended the Chairman, PANA Holdings Groups for the expository session and for coming up with an innovative alternative to reduce the use of cigarettes thereby raising life expectancy in Africa.


    Okeke assured that SON, as the apex standard body in Nigeria and a business enabler, is ready to provide the necessary support and partnership required to kick-start the project effectively to achieve the desired results as regards quality assurance.



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