Oil companies tasked on developing rural communities




    Oil Companies have been urged to develop Rural Communities where they are operating so that their workers can work from the Communities as people are working from home in the city due to the ravaging COVID-19 Pandemic.


    The CEO Makitas Energy Limited, Toyin Yusuff, gave this charge at the AOGs Energy Resources Limited, webinar held last week with the theme: Energy Transition and Implication on the Nigerian Economy: A Critical Assessment.

    Speaking on the theme: Energy transition and the opportunities in Rural Nigeria, she there is need for holistic development the Communities so that people will stay in the Communities.

    Youth according to her are forced to migrate to the city looking for greener pasture and social amenities. “Stakeholders such as the government, civil society and Oil companies should develop the Communities so that people will be comfortable to stay there”, she said.

    “Let people be working from the communities as people are working from home in the city now due to COVID-19 pandemic. Create sustainable home so that more people will be attracted to live in the Rural Communities. Develop the economic activities, health facilities, make Broadband available, make internet available so that the youth will find the Rural Communities attractive to dwell in”, she added.

    Speaking in the same vein, Joseph Ajienka, Professor of Petroleum Engineering from University of Port Harcourt, who is also Emmanuel Egbogah Chairman of Petroleum Engineering, University of Port Harcourt said the fourth industrial revolution will be powered by energy.

    He revealed that the University of Port Harcourt has embraced Energy Transition by changing courses like Petroleum Engineering to Energy Engineering. The New Curriculum, he called Education 4.0.

    According to him, the new Curriculum involves the use of Lecturers and practitioners in the field. At the end of the programme, it will get International Certification so that holders of the Degree will be able to work anywhere in the world without going through rigorous training after his/her course in the University. Ajienka maintained that Energy transition is not about debate but reality.


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