Service Reflective Tariff: Eko Disco moves to better customer experience


    Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) on Tuesday has said that the newly introduced Service Reflective Tariff (SRT) which took effect from September 1 is to the benefit of the customers as it will bring about the desired growth in the sector.  

    This was disclosed to journalists by the General Manager, Corporate Communications of the Company, Godwin Idemudia who reiterated the importance of the Service Reflective Tariff to the growth of the Electricity ecosystem. 

    Idemudia said “we understand the economic impact of the pandemic is still, but there will never be  a good time for the implementation of the new tariff. 

    He assured that the tariff review is  aimed at bringing improvements to the quality of service EKEDC provides. 

    Idemudia further explains that with the new service reflective tariff regime,  customers have been grouped into five service bands depicting the quantity and quality  of supply they receive. Customers on Band A will receive an average 20 hours per day, Band B customers will receive a minimum of 16 hours per day, Band C customers will receive a minimum of 12 hours per day while Bands D and E will receive a minimum 8 and 4 hours a day”. 

    The Disco also allays the fears of customers within the D and E service bands that the implementation of the service reflective tariff regime is temporary frozen and the existing tariff will continues until the Company improves their supply hours as investments are being made to ensure that is achieved . 

    Idemudia  thanked customers for their continued understanding and cooperation over the course of the journey for the desired growth in the sector and implore customers to take advantage of the Meter Asset Provider (MAP) scheme for meter purchase to further help in accurate billing  of their power consumption and stem the tide of estimated billing. 


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