OMAA presents gas powered generators, vehicles   



    L – R; George Djankah, Business Development at OMAA, Nkem Agholor, Director Gas, at the Ministry of Petroleum Resources and Chinedu Oguegbu, CEO OMAA at the unveiling of gas powered cars and generator sets at the sidelines of Nigeria International Petroleum Summit, NIPS, in Abuja.


    In line with the huge potential of gas which Nigeria is endowed with yet untapped, OMAA, an indigenous energy  startup has presented  vehicles and generators that would run on Gas.


    The Founder, Chinedu Oguegbu who spoke on the sideline of the just concluded Nigeria International Petroleum Summit, NIPS, in Abuja said that the company was starting up with energy mobility which were vehicles going on compressed natural gas and gas powered generators as well adding that the company is in the mobility and power generation business to harness the nation’s economy.


    He said that the company was committed to maximizing Nigeria’s potential in the area of gas utilization. He observed that Nigeria was sitting on a whole lot of gas proven reserves that were yet to be exploited.


    “Nigeria is in the top ten and this is actually incidental because so far I think there has been very little prospects in terms of gas, its incidental for us trying to get the crude. What it means is that we can power Nigeria with cleaner, safer and more environmentally and friendly compressed natural gas”, Oguegbu stated.

    OMAA CEO , says: “This is the beginning of a trend that will revolutionize not just the transportation industry, but the energy industry in Nigeria, by accelerating utilization of the abundant natural gas resources we are endowed with.”


    “This is Nigeria’s transition now to a gas powered economy and Omaa’s goal is to drive this and accelerate it. We have our products on display ranging from generators including the ones that are already using petrol.

    Also , OMAA’s vision is to lead the transformation of the transportation and energy industry in Nigeria and in Africa, by accelerating utilization of the abundant natural gas resources we are endowed with. We construct buses that are rugged, customizable and adapted to Nigerian roads, as well as gas-powered solutions to foster sustainable energy usage in homes and commercial buildings.”

    We have conversion kits that can make you now to switch to using LPG which is safer and commercially viable. So you save money when you switch to gas.” he expressed


    We also have 100percent gas powered generators that are designed from start to run on gas that means they are optimized to using gas, adding it’s even safer.


    According to Oguegbu, Omaa vehicles are currently assembled in Igbo-Ukwu, Anambra State. He said: “We are locally assembling these beautiful vehicles, we are focusing on commercial vehicle business”

    OMAA’s enterprise is contemporary with the “Decade of Gas” announced this year by the Federal Government, which motivates stakeholders in the industry to work towards a wider distribution of gas supply across the nation, as confirmed by industries present at NIPS.


    Oguegbu also reiterated OMAA’s commitment to local content development and job creation in Nigeria, stating “it is every company’s responsibility to address the nationwide crisis of unemployment. Hence, part of our core values are to empower the people while we energize the nation. Not only are our vehicles assembled by local talents, our facility also includes a training centre which has the ambition to provide subsidized training in gas conversion technology to at least one hundred participants in 2021.”


    The company plans to introduce within the next year a wider portfolio of solutions to address the energy demand in the residential, commercial and industrial markets, using natural gas.


    The Founder appealed for the Federal Government’s support in terms of single digit to buy locally, assembled made in Nigeria vehicles funding for business. “If government supports the industry, we are going to see more people employed, we are going to see more growth and development”, Oguegbu insisted.

    NOMAA, presented the country’s first locally assembled natural gas-powered buses at the Nigeria International Petroleum Summit, NIPS .The event, hosted by the Ministry of Petroleum Resources, addressed New Approaches to the Future of Hydrocarbons and was attended by industry-leading companies and major stakeholders in Oil & Gas.


    OMAA manufactures factory-fitted dual-fuel vehicles to meet the growing demand of vehicles that run on cleaner energy sources within Nigeria and across Africa. From its facility located in Igbo Ukwu, Anambra state, the company caters to energy demands for the transportation and energy industry with natural gas. This is in line with the National Gas Expansion Program, NGEP, implemented by the Federal Government to encourage the usage of Compressed Natural Gas, CNG, and Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LPG.


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