NDPHC Commitment to Light-up Nigeria through Training and Internship


    The goal of Niger Delta Power Holding Company, NDPHC, is commitment to light up Nigeria and the electricity generation company, GenCo, has been training young engineers to achieve its goals.

    This internship programme has produced many young graduates who passed through the process via rigorous trainings.

    The GM, Chairman Committee on Engineering Graduate Internship, Funke Nwankwo, said, “In the course of this programme, we have seasoned engineering professionals especially in our power plants, we want all these graduates to go to these plants and have first-hand interactions with the power plants including the workings of the power plants with the modus operandi of how electricity is generated.”

    “That is why one of our speakers took them through the process of how electricity is being generated and this is what they are going to learn by the time they are done with this internship programme, they will be ready to hit the market running”, she added.

    Speaking in the same vein, the Technical Adviser to the MD on Transmission, Steve Muyiwa, was of the view that, “What NDPHC is trying to do is to create an unprecedented scenario where we take young engineers from across all the geo-political zones of our country after some rigorous trainings and the objective is to do an internship programme which will expose them to the engineering environment of NDPHC.

    “If you look at the power sector today in Nigeria, talking about capacity of engineers, we have a lot of competent people and the issue of the power sector is not about competency of people managing power sector, but is more to do with infrastructure and funding of the sector”, pointed out Kassim Abdullahi.

    NDPHC’s role through trainings of young engineers to be involved in the power sector will go a long way to resolve lingering issues concerning generation of electricity in the country.


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