NAPE to empower media professionals



    The Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE) has concluded plans to empower media professionals in the area of capacity building.  The Workshop will include Media Professionals covering energy and the oil and gas sectors of the Nigerian economy as well as oil and gas professionals working in the Corporate Communications departments in oil and gas companies.

    The theme of the workshop is ‘Accessing Quality Information & Data Journalism for Oil & Gas Media Professionals’ and it is scheduled to hold virtually on Tuesday September 29, from 11:00 am.

    The President of the Association, Alex N. Tarka, said NAPE’s rationale for hosting the workshop is to enrich the quality of the reportage of events in the oil and gas space by facilitating in depth deliberate conversations to address and close the gaps and opportunities in interviews, messaging, reporting and overall coverage of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria by media professionals.

    “The oil and gas industry is highly technical in its processes and operations. It is important that the reportage of events in the oil and gas space by oil and gas media professionals is delivered accurately, in context and with the appropriate degree of details,” Tarka said.

    The Publicity Secretary of the Association, Abdullateef Amodu, stated that NAPE will continue to partner with the press and other stakeholders in providing platform for learning, nurturing best practices, evolving new solutions, industry advocacy and enhancing economic development.

    The Workshop is the fifth edition of NAPE Workshops for Media Professionals reporting events in the oil and gas industry.



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