NACCIMA  urges truce on Obajana  Dangote Cement Seal Matter



    The Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture, NACCIMA, regrets the recent development by the Kogi State Government which has resulted in the hasty sealing of the Dangote Cement Factory at Obajana, Kogi State.


    This action, according to the Natiional President, NACCIMA, John Udeagbala, allegedly stemming principally from tax disputes, we believe, could have surely been resolved on a more conciliatory and amicable note.


    This view is based on some key considerations as outlined below: “It is vital to note that is a huge production plant that suplies key domestic inputs (cement) into the economy and employing hundreds of thousands of Nigerians directly and indirectly. This is aside from its substantial budget for corporate social responsibility outside of taxes”, the President said .

    “Shutting off the factory does not necessarily help the controversial issue of compliance on taxes remittable to the Kogi State Government. Rather, a continual operation of the plant would more likely facilitate a faster resolution of the dispute”, stated the President.


    “We thus suggest that the company be reopened as quickly as possible to enable it continue its operation and fulfil its necessary responsibilities, not just on tax but also keep the hundreds of thousands of Nigerians in its direct and indirect employment dutifully engaged and, furthermore, sustain its crucial services, not just to the people & government of Kogi State but Nigeria in general”, he noted.





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