MOMAN rebrands to MEMAN, pledges commitment to clean energy


    The Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria, MOMAN, has rebranded to Major Energies Marketers Association of Nigeria, MEMAN.

    The Association made this known during the unveiling of its rebranded identity and launch, pledging its commitment to sustainability through the NMDPRA Industry Sustainability Initiative, NISI.

    “This initiative, meticulously designed to align with the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals, serves as the foundation of MEMAN’s dedication to continue reducing emissions, ensuring affordable and clean energy, and promoting safety and responsible economic growth. MEMAN’s commitment to sustainability also extends to reflecting our dedication to health, safety, security, and environmental protection, HSSE, equitable recompense of every stakeholder involved in the business, and continuous innovation for improvements”, MEMAN said.

    “Our HSSE pillar is built on a responsible, comprehensive, and integrated approach, emphasizing employee well-being, safety protocols, asset security, and environmental protection. By proactively adhering to these principles, we contribute to a positive corporate reputation, stakeholder trust, and the overall resilience of our organization”, added the group.


    “Equitable recompense for all stakeholders is another core pillar of MEMAN’s advocacy, addressing customers, employees, investors, service providers/suppliers, local communities, and governments. Fair compensation fosters stable relationships with stakeholders, promotes industry growth, and trust of the industry which supports long-term sustainability”, stressed MEMAN.


    “Expanding our energy offerings to give our customers more affordable and environmentally friendlier options is an act of responsibility. MEMAN’s third pillar focuses on innovation for continuous improvements, leveraging advanced technologies, adopting best practices, fostering a culture of innovation, improving operational efficiency, enhancing product quality, reducing costs, minimizing product losses, and the adoption and commercialization of alternative energy sources”, noted the group.


    “We take pride in housing the Renewables and Gas Competency Centre, a hub for gas, biofuels, and renewable energy information open to the industry, the press, the academia, and the public. This center supports the government’s CNG initiative and drives the United Nations sustainability agenda”, maintained the association.


    “In addition to these groundbreaking initiatives, MEMAN is excited to announce a collaborative partnership with the Energy Institute, EI, to foster a sustainable downstream energy industry in Nigeria. The EI, a chartered professional membership body, dedicated to creating a better energy future, was formed in 2003 through the merger of the Institute of Petroleum and the Institute of Energy, and is comprised of a diverse network of professionals working across the energy sector”, MEMAN explained.


    “MEMAN remains fully committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and regulatory compliance throughout this transition. Our members are dedicated to upholding the principles of transparency, safety, energy affordability, and environmental responsibility as we navigate this transformative period”, pledged the Association.




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