MAN urges FG on effective National Action on AfCFTA



    The Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, MAN, has urged the Committee on AfCFTA of the Federal Government of Nigeria on effective National Action on the African Continental Free Trade Area, AfCFTA.
    The Association further calls for effective monitoring mechanism to be put in place to ensure that all countries do the right thing.

    The President, Manufacturers Association Of Nigeria, MAN, Mansur Ahmed, made this known at the 2021 Edition Of The Man Reporter Of the Year Award/Presidential Media Luncheon held in Lagos.


                         Mansur Ahmed, President, MAN.

    “While we trust that the Nigerian government will play its part to put adequate measures in place for a beneficial trade agreement. We look forward to an effective National Action Committee on the AfCFTA”, he said.

    ”At the level of the Association we have conducted series of webinar workshops for our members to get them fully prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that are imbedded in the agreement”, he added.

    “Nonetheless, MAN commends the Government on the decision to reopen the land borders for ease of trade engagements particularly under the implementation phase of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) which took effect from January 1, 2021”, stated the President.
    Ahmed revealed that the AfCFTA has the potential to build Africa’s capacity to manufacture and change the narrative of African economy and give Africa a stronger voice and positioning in the global economy as we go on.
    “More so, I am confident that there will be a tremendous opportunity for growth and development for each and every one if the countries that signed this agreement are willing to come together to make it a success. But this cannot come without challenges”, he stressed.
    A possible challenge that stares us in the face according to him is the issue of dumping.
    “The dumping issue frankly is a matter of political will. Do our governments and political leaders have the political will to agree on those things that we have to do? For instance, to ensure that we do not allow dumping to take place, there is need to ensure that all countries operate based on the rule of origin that has been agreed. But the difference is that while some countries will ensure that these regulations are complied with, others unfortunately will not do so. This calls for effective monitoring mechanism to be put in place to ensure that all countries do the right thing”, stated the president.



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