LNG Firm Completes First Reloading Operation


    Croatia’s first Liquefied Natural Gas, LNG, import terminal, located on the island of Krk has completed its first small-scale reloading operation.

    The project noted that the liquefied natural gas was reloaded from the FSRU LNG Croatia to Avenir LNG’s bunkering vessel the 7,500-cbm Avenir Accolade.

    Following the operation, Avenir Accolade departed to Sardinia and is currently sailing in the Ionian Sea, AIS data provided by VesselsValue shows.

    This led Croatia to gain the opportunity and prospect to trade liquefied natural gas by sea, LNG Croatia, the company operating the facility said in its statement.

    “This brand-new business model opens several opportunities in tourism and economic sectors, as it allows bunkering – ability to dock and refuel other ships with more environmentally friendly motor fuel – LNG, thereby significantly reducing exhaust emissions and the harmful impact of shipping on the environment,” the statement reads.

    By introducing this new additional service, the LNG terminal on the Island of Krk, continues to affirm its importance on Europe’s energy map.

    World Maritime News report that LNG Croatia further noted this was the first small-scale LNG reloading operation in the Mediterranean.



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