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    Kyari gets reappointment as NNPCL GCEO as Tinubu Reconstitutes NNPC Board



    President Bola Tinubu, in a landmark decision, has announced the reappointment of Mele Kyari as the Group Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited, NNPCL, signaling continuity and stability in the nation’s oil sector.

    This move comes as part of a larger reshuffle, where President Tinubu has unveiled a new board and management team for the NNPCL, effective December 1, 2023.

    The reappointment of Kyari, who has been at the helm of NNPC affairs since 2019, is a testament to his noteworthy leadership and the confidence the current administration has in his ability to steer the NNPCL towards greater heights in a challenging global oil economy.

    Alongside Kyari, the President has appointed a diverse and experienced group of individuals to the NNPCL board. Pius Akinyelure takes on the role of Non-Executive Board Chairman, bringing a wealth of experience from the oil sector and beyond. Alhaji Umar Isa Ajiya will continue to serve as the Chief Financial Officer, a role critical to the financial stability and strategic investment decisions of the NNPCL.

    The board is further strengthened with the inclusion of several Non-Executive Directors, namely Ledum Mitee, Musa Tumsa, Ghali Muhammad, Mustapha Aliyu, David Ogbodo, and Eunice Thomas.

    These appointments reflect a blend of expertise from various sectors, including legal, academic, financial, and administrative backgrounds, promising a comprehensive approach to managing Nigeria’s most valuable natural resource.

    This strategic decision by President Tinubu aligns with Section 59 (2) of the Petroleum Industry Act, 2021, which mandates a professional and experienced board to oversee the nation’s petroleum sector. The appointments are seen as a significant step in reinforcing the NNPCL’s commitment to transparency, efficiency, and accountability in line with global best practices.

    Kyari’s reappointment is particularly noteworthy, given his track record in initiating key reforms and navigating the NNPC through the tumultuous waters of the global oil market, marked by fluctuating prices and demands. His leadership has been instrumental in driving operational efficiencies and fostering strategic partnerships crucial to the NNPCL’s growth and Nigeria’s economic stability.

    The new board faces the critical task of ensuring the NNPCL adapts to the evolving dynamics of the global energy market, particularly in the face of increasing emphasis on renewable energy sources. Their mandate also includes bolstering the corporation’s financial performance, enhancing corporate governance, and ensuring the sustainable development of Nigeria’s oil and gas resources.

    The Nigerian oil and gas sector, a pivotal component of the nation’s economy, is poised for transformation under this new leadership. Stakeholders in the industry and citizens alike anticipate positive changes that will not only strengthen the NNPCL’s position in the global oil economy but also contribute significantly to the national economy.

    As the world continues to grapple with energy challenges and the transition towards cleaner energy sources, the NNPCL, under its renewed leadership, is expected to play a vital role in balancing the nation’s economic needs with global environmental commitments.

    President Tinubu’s appointments are a clear signal of his administration’s dedication to enhancing the oil sector’s efficiency and transparency, fostering economic growth, and ensuring Nigeria remains a key player in the global energy landscape.

    In a statement released by presidential spokesman, Ajuri Ngelali, the new board is as follows:

    (1) Pius Akinyelure — Non-Executive Board Chairman

    (2)  Mele Kolo Kyari — Group Chief Executive Officer

    (3) Umar Isa Ajiya — Chief Financial Officer

    (4) Ledum Mitee — Non-Executive Director

    (5) Musa Tumsa — Non-Executive Director

    (6) Ghali Muhammad — Non-Executive Director

    (7) Mustapha Aliyu — Non-Executive Director

    (8)  David Ogbodo — Non-Executive Director

    (9) Eunice Thomas — Non-Executive Director




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