Hyde Energy Expands Portfolio Across Sub-Saharan Africa, Restates Commitment to Quality Products


    A Prominent indigenous energy trading company, Hyde Energy Limited has restated its commitment to quality products within its growing portfolio across Sub-Saharan Africa at a media briefing held at its corporate office in Lagos.

    Reflecting on its achievements after a decade of excellent service delivery to its customers, the global energy trading company with a downstream network has continued to develop along the value chain with strategic upstream, midstream, and downstream assets central to its objective of building a long-term future in the global energy and commodities marketplace.

    Speaking to the journalists, the Chief Executive of Hyde Energy, Oladimeji Edwards, said, “we are pleased and proud of our growth and achievement at Hyde Energy. Last year, we marked a decade of operating a business in Nigeria. Despite all the challenges, this is a great feat for us, and we are true to our commitment to excellence in decades to come.”

    “Over the years, we have developed a strong footprint in Nigeria’s midstream and downstream oil industry. We have grown our client base and transaction volumes, explored opportunities in the oil and gas value chain, developed additional distribution channels for moving our products to the end user, diversified product offerings, expanded our market share in the supply and distribution of petroleum products, strengthened our footprint in the international commodities market, and created partnerships to strengthen indigenous participation in the Nigerian Oil & Gas sector”.

    Furthermore, Edwards spoke on how Hyde Energy has also expanded to delivering value to customers outside Nigeria.  “We see our business’s future growth in our Lubricants business and Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LPG. We have expanded our Lubricants and other quality products that meet the needs of consumers across Sub-Saharan Africa. Our retail stations, though still expanding, have grown in Lagos, Calabar and Abuja. There has also been an expansion of our LPG from our first outlets in Lagos and a subsequent one in Abuja; we are now commissioning in Makurdi and eight other outlets across the country in the North and Southwest. Currently, our primary focus is to ensure that we get the gas resources to run through our distribution network and keep that network running to meet the growing demands in every neighborhood.

    “There is a lot of work to be done and we are working with industry experts to ensure that our products and services meet the highest standards of quality and excellence. A rebranding of our Lubricants is currently in process, and we will announce this in due course,” he maintained.

    Hyde Energy, established in 2012, has expanded its business portfolio into crude oil, refined oil products, LPG, and dry bulk commodities. It has also grown its reach in Lagos, Abuja, Makurdi, Port Harcourt, Mauritius, London, and Malta. The company has also recently acquired a lubricant blending plant, LPG Bridgers, and Bobtails in addition to its 38-million-litre tank farm in Nigeria and other bulk storage facilities.


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