Firm champions dialogue on W’Africa’s energy sector


    An energy company, Nigeria Energy, is set to champion a dialogue on West Africa’s evolving energy sector.

    This was disclosed in a statement by the company, the Nigeria Energy Exhibition and Conference, scheduled to take place from 20th -22nd September, 2022, in Lagos.

    According to the statement, the 9th edition of the conference would bring together energy stakeholders to lead the discourse on accelerating West Africa’s sustainable energy supply. Key discussions will be around building capacity to meet demand, sustainable energy agenda, waste-to-energy and providing solutions through regulations and technologies, including transforming Nigeria’s energy sector through digitalisation.

    According to the Exhibition Manager, Energy portfolio, MEA, Informa Markets, Ade Yesufu, “Nigeria’s power sector needs technological transformation and digitalisation to compete globally and achieve sustainable growth. The first step to achieving this would be to attract key local and international investors not only to dialogue with other stakeholders but also to discover viable mechanisms to solve the challenges in the energy sector.

    “This is what we will achieve with Nigeria Energy. The 9th edition will further these conversations and offers a platform to reflect some of the changes that are going on in the power sector globally.”

    The Divisional Head, Skipper ETS Electric Limited, Sunil Kumar, said, “Our partnership for this 9th edition shows our belief in Nigeria Energy to converge the best minds in the energy and power sector. Skipper ETS engages in generation and transmission and has recently been working with the federal and state governments of Nigeria to open power plants.”

    On his part, the Head, Regulatory and Compliance, Tetracore Energy, Oladayo Williams, said, “We are looking toward the development of the power sector through operation and maintenance. Over the course of the exhibition and conference, we will be speaking more on the values that we have to offer to the growth of the power sector.”


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