Eroton reiterates commitment to empowering host communities




    Eroton operates the OML 18 oilfield that covers a total area of 1,035 SQKM offshore Eastern Niger Delta (Swamp/Shallow Water) on behalf of the NNPC/Eroton Joint Venture (JV).


    Keeping faith with the terms of the Global Memorandum of Understanding (GMoU) between us and our sixty host communities through the five Cluster Boards (CDBs) is the key reason Eroton enjoys a very cordial relationship with our hosts. This cordial relationship has yielded an outstanding growth in production from 10kbopd to 75kbopd at peak production following the acquisition of the asset in 2015.


    Eroton’s entrepreneurship program (ErotonPreneurshp – EP) continues to make a positive social impact on our host communities, contributing to local business development, job creation and capacity development.

    The program has been put in place to ensure that entrepreneurs from our host communities acquire relevant entrepreneurial and management skills, actively participate in projects/services and have access to capital through invoice discounting agreements with key financial institutions.


    Over 20 host community contractors are continuously engaged in the provision of services that range from the Construction of Pipelines, Solid Control, Filtration. Bound Wall Construction, Marine Vessels & Houseboats, Flow Stations Maintenance, Diesel Supply, and the provision of Manpower.


    The contribution of Eroton to the development of host community contractors is worthy of emulation by other players in the Nigerian oil and gas industry – Christian Seikibo – Chairman DAA-3 Cluster Board’


    The value of service contracts awarded and executed by community contractors is over six billion naira from 2016 to July 2020. This is aside from our investment in our corporate social responsibility initiatives over same period.


    Speaking on behalf of the company,the CEO, Ebiaho Emafo, said, “As guests of our Host communities, we have a duty to engage community contractors fairly in the award of contracts and this is enshrined in our GMoUs. We have a mandate to ensure that community contractors receive opportunities to tender for work of a type and complexity appropriate to their abilities while continuously developing their ability to deliver on more complex projects. in line with Eroton’s requirements.. This is all done with Eroton as operator ensuring prudence and probity.”


    We are currently facing an unprecedented public health crisis where communities and businesses across the globe are navigating through the uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The message from the Management of Eroton to our hosts is:


    ‘Stay healthy and keep your spirits high. We will weather this storm and emerge stronger together’



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