ENYO Reveals Expansion Agenda, Initiates Autogas Services in Nigeria




    In an effort to provide cleaner and safer energy alternatives for its customers, leading fuel retailing company in Nigeria, Enyo Retail and Supply, has commenced its Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) expansion agenda aimed at boosting the usage of gas in Nigeria. The expansion agenda is in line with the Federal Government’s initiative to deepen the consumption of gas in Nigeria.


    The expansion will necessitate key initiatives such as investment in an LPG filling plant, the launch of its first Autogas filling station, a superior Liquified Gas mobile app and sales of a broad range of gas-based products and services to its customers. Moreover, the expansion will enable the company to deliver convivence to its customers.


    Commenting on the expansion,  Abayomi Awobokun, Chief Executive Officer, ENYO Retail and Supply, said, “Following the Federal Government’s declaration of 2020 as the year of gas, ENYO is thrilled to be championing the transition towards cleaner energy and making efforts to intensifying domestic gas penetration as well as adoption in Nigeria. We have set a target to invest in up to 20 LPG plants over the next 24 to 36 months and we expect to have our first Autogas station open in 5 to 6 months”.


    Also commenting, Sales and Marketing Lead, Enyo Retail and Supply, Habiba Abubakar, said, “The investment in LPG would enable Enyo to utilise emerging opportunities in the oil and gas industry while also leveraging on data and technology for improved service delivery. We have already identified sites for our Autogas points, and an approach has been mapped out to ensure that these points become operational soon”.


    In addition, the company recently unveiled its technologically enhanced composite LPG cylinders which aligns with its expansion plan. The cylinders are ideal for domestic and commercial use, weighing fifty percent less than conventional steel cylinders.


    Speaking on the Composite LPG Cylinder, Habiba Abubakar added “We are also excited to introduce our brand of quality composite gas cylinders to the Nigerian market as this is a revolutionary step which will transform LPG usage for years to come. The introduction of these technologically driven composite gas cylinders proves our commitment to strengthening customer experiences across the country. These cylinders guarantee usage without danger or loss of life and property thus making them extremely safe to use. Their light weight and translucency also mean the amount of gas inside the cylinders can be easily seen, ensuring the right quantity of gas is supplied thereby removing worries of metal theft. This also reiterates our values of being fueled by safety and trust”.


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