Elections: Association sues for peace, advises against hatred, violence 


The Club Seventies Epe, a non-governmental organisation, has called on indigenes of Epe community and all stakeholders across the political divide in the state to eschew hatred, anger and violence as the nation prepares for the 2023 general elections.

Its President, Adelaja Hassan, made the appeal during the club’s monthly meeting and sensitisation campaign in Epe.

Hassan said the caution became necessary for indigenes and residents to toe the path of peace during the forthcoming general elections.

He pleaded with residents across the spectrum to ensure they exercise their civic duties in a manner reflective of the tolerant and non-violent nature of the people of Epe.

According to him, residents, Lagosians and Nigerians at large are advised not to allow politicians to ignite conflict and use them to perpetrate illegality before, during and after the election.

“Please, let’s unite for progress, reformation, and adhere to the rule of law,” Hassan pleaded with  residents.

He maintained that election period is not a time for war but of expressions and exercise of civic responsibility.

The association president urged residents to make wise decisions at the polls and vehemently reject offers to be drawn into any form of violent acts during the elections.

“I urge residents to understand that politics will come and go, but the spirit of the Epe enterprise will endure and continue to flourish. There is no political office that should compel us to shed the blood of our brothers or sisters. There is no ambition that is so deep and sacred that we would be willing to turn our community and state into a cauldron of violence in order to satisfy our craving for power,” he advised.

According to him, all powers belong to God and He alone, grants such to whom He has favoured.

Hassan noted that the community remained an oasis of peace and tranquility.

“We will never go back to the years of violence and the years where we couldn’t sleep with our eyes closed. We will not return to the years where politically motivated killings numbed our sensibilities and made us question the central purpose of governance, which is the security of lives and property. Let us continue to join hands to build the Lagos State of our dream and secure a future of prosperity, peace and growth for our children and generations yet unborn”, he added.

“That same God that has stood by us all along on this journey of growth and development, I trust will see us through the coming years. For us all in Club Seventies Epe, it is forward ever, backward never, so help us God,” he stressed.

The President pointed out that insecurity bedevilling the nation was a big concern to everyone, while urging politicians to make it a point of duty for the country to have a peaceful, fair and free election.

Hassan noted that the ultimate goal of both Christianity and Islam is to promote peace and order, saying that “peace is the rule”.

He called on Nigerians not to allow their negative actions to affect security, adding that mutual communication would supersede all the challenges the nation was facing


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