EEF 11th Legacy Lecture series to assemble timbers and calibers in the Oil and Gas Sector


    The Emmanuel Egbogah Legacy Lecture Series will assemble Men of Timbers and Calibers in the Oil and Gas sector of the economy.

    The 11th Legacy Lecture series will hold virtually on Thursday, September 15, 2022, with the theme: “Petroleum Value Chain Optimisation Strategy for Sustainable Economic Development”.

    The Legacy Lecture is an annual event of the foundation in honour of the Founder, Dr. Emmanuel Egbogah, an Oil expert was also the executive chairman of Emerald Energy Resources.

    He was a recognized authority on petroleum policy, enhanced oil recovery, EOR, stimulation procedures, and multidisciplinary team approach to field development planning and reservoir management. During his more than 40 years in the industry, he held several executive leadership and policy advisory positions.

    The Emmanuel Egbogah Foundation, EEF, was established in 2019 in Honour of Dr. Emmanuel Egbogah, (1942-2018).

    The Foundation is aimed at promoting his legacy anchored on the principle of prosperity for posterity. The focus area of EEF lies in human capital and skill-set development for the petroleum and energy sector in Nigeria.

    The Chairman of the Occasion is the Founder and Executive Chairman of AA Holdings, Austin Avuru, while the Keynote Speaker is Peter Hartley, a Professor from Rice University.

    “Prosperity for Posterity drives the EEF mission to advocate a sustainable petroleum and energy policy and economics of Nigeria”, said the Executive Director, EEF, Professor Wuni Iledare fondly called PWI.


    Emmanuel Egbogah Foundation is tailored to facilitate the transformation of the energy and petroleum industry in Nigeria.

    The Executive Director listed the sponsors to include Amni International Petroleum Development Company Limited, LASER Engineering and Resources Consultants Limited, NewCross Exploration& Production Limited, NewCross Petroleum Limited and WalterSmith Petroleum Oil Limited.

    “EEF Research Fellowship /internship program involves endoment of graduate research fellowship and internship in Nigerian universities in the areas of learning and research, which support the Foundation’s goals”, he added.

    He pointed out that the Foundation has sponsorship programme involved in sponsoring graduate education of deserving scholars to any of the Dr. Egbogah’s affiliated universities in Nigeria and Africa.

    PWI also stated that EEF has Conference/Lectures programme which organises and sponsors capacity building conferences, biennial Petroleum roundtable in Abuja and Lagos and the biennial Emmanuel Egbogah Legacy Lecture Series on petroleum and energy-related issues.

    On capacity building workshop, he said, EEF partners with training firms to organize workshops that promote University Advancement and develop capacity for the petroleum industry.

    “The Foundation is working for the development of the energy industry and the implementation of energy efficiency technologies geared increasing energy security, sustainable economic benefits, independence, self-reliance and maximum social welfare of Nigerians for a better tomorrow”, he stressed.

    “The Foundation offers a wide range of professional training topics to enhance beneficiary knowledge and expertise on the energy sector in the area of human development”, revealed PWI.

    Iledare further stated that customized formats and varying course lengths, from single sessions to comprehensive seminars, are offered to meet the varying specific needs of the beneficiaries.




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