CitiTrust Holdings PLC joins FMDQ Exchange’s Thriving CP Market


    FMDQ is pleased to welcome the registration of the CitiTrust Holdings PLC ₦50.00 billion Commercial Paper (“CP”) Programme on its platform. The successful registration of this CP Programme on the Exchange in August 2022, following the approval of the Board Listings and Markets Committee, attests to the highly efficient time-to-market and uniquely tailored securities admission service offered by the Exchange.


    “This significant milestone for CitiTrust Holdings PLC (“CitiTrust Holdings” or the “Company”), a leading Pan-African financial and investment conglomerate in Nigeria, has seen it join other corporate institutions across various sectors of the economy, enjoying the benefits of visibility, transparency and liquidity for issuers and issues that come with the FMDQ Exchange Quotations Service”, said FMDQ.


    “This CP Programme registration, which is sponsored by Boston Advisory Limited – a Registration Member (Quotations) of the Exchange – strategically positions CitiTrust Holdings to raise short-term finance easily and quickly from the Nigerian debt markets. By the registration of its CP Programme and quotation of subsequent CPs from the Programme on FMDQ Exchange, the Company will avail on exceptional benefits which include, but are not limited to, unrivalled and efficient platform for access to capital, enhanced investor confidence, continuous information disclosure to protect investor interest, effective price formation, and increased global visibility”, noted FMDQ.



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