Abiola Would Have Ended Poverty If He Had Become President – Group




A group, Nationwide Electricity Provision Advocates ( N. E. P. A) ,has called on Nigerians to remember late Moshood Abiola who they said, was prepared to chase out poverty in Nigeria if he had lived as President. Bako Abdul Usman, President of NEPA said in a statement on Thursday in Kaduna, that ‘HOPE 1993 FAREWELL TO POVERTY’  was then the slogan which was had  still remained a mirage to Nigerian citizens today.

He said the Nationwide Electricity Provision Advocates ( N. E. P. A) felicitated with  Nigerians on Democracy Day and would like to cease the opportunity to pay respect and offer  profound gratitude to all those who have worked tirelessly since Independence to ensure the enthronement of democracy in Nigeria.

He said “many have worked for the actualization of democracy at considerable personal cost, some even paying the ultimate price in that endeavour. “Today we remember one such patriot in the name of Moshood Kashimawo Abiola and we salute his courage and dedication as well as his dream for a Great Nation and ask ourselves if we are any closer to achieving that dream or moving inexorably closer to a failed nation as we appear unable to provide the necessary foundations that will ensure those dreams turn into reality.”

“Adequate, affordable and stable power supply is one, if not the most important  prerequisite of any developing nation and should therefore represent the bedrock of our developmental infrastructure, yet today 2020 we are still not showing any real desire to address this issue, such that the Covid-19 pandemic in a few short months has highlighted and magnified the devastating effects of this situation and we believe it is time to call on all true patriots to declare that enough is enough and lend their support to this crucial National effort and say with one voice”

” Let There Be Light We pray that this candlelight address marks a turning point in the provision of endless darkness in our land along with a renewed resolve by the Federal Government along with all other players in the sector to recommit themselves to a common purpose of bringing an end to this generational shame we suffer and ensure stable power supply to all Nigerians,” he said



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